The current corona crisis presents us all with unprecedented tasks. In everyday business life, completely new challenges arise from changing working conditions. The possibility of decentralized work in the home office comes to the fore. Bitmoves, developer of ERP software for the PBS industry, has presented a points plan.
According to bitmoves in Neuhausen ob Eck (BW), this form of working is not only a good means of coping with crises, but also offers a whole range of advantages for the time afterwards.
• For your employees, working from home means that there are sometimes long ways to work.
• In addition to this time saving, the absence of travel costs is an aspect that has a positive impact on the employee's budget.
• If the prerequisite for an adequate workplace at home is given, less distraction and a quieter environment lead to higher quality and productivity in work.
• The reduced space requirement in the office opens up potential savings for the employer.
The advantages are on both sides. However, there are some conditions for the success of the work in the home office:
• The crucial prerequisite for working from home is the ability of the company software to be able to provide the necessary applications locally and outside the company. The availability and security of the systems play an important role here.
• The reduced personal contact makes the flow of information within the company more difficult. This calls for the use of IT systems that provide all task-relevant information equally everywhere.
• To compensate for the reduced personal contact, in addition to the telephone as a means of communication, online conference systems are a useful and necessary addition.
The personal aspect of communication is preserved through eye contact with the conversation partner and information can be conveyed more easily through the visual support of desktop sharing.
• The decentralization of work also means increased demands on the coordination of activities and processes. Here, the use of task and project management tools can determine success or failure.
The current situation brings with it a multitude of tasks. These mean a sometimes considerable burden for the individual employee and the company.
At the same time, it also offers the opportunity to make the organization of your company fit for the requirements of a modern work environment.
From:PBS report, Germany