The first half of the French printing industry development m

7月中旬,机电公司联合会和全国信息和印刷解决方案和系统公司联盟发布了2021年上半年法国印刷的报告,该行业公司的营业额与 2020 年相比增长了 15%。
In mid-July, Ficime (Federation of Mechanical and Electronic Companies) and Snessii (National Union of Information and Printing Solutions and Systems Companies) published a report on French printing at the first half-year 2021. The turnover of companies in the sector is up 15% compared to 2020. However, it remains down 11% compared to 2019, the reference year.

“This increase in the first half of the year is mainly due to a favorable base effect, but also to strong growth in sales of multifunction printers to consumers. The professional sector is, for its part, impacted by a change in the purchasing behavior of companies, which have less paper printing and more digitization of documents, "the statement said. In the second half of the year, IT and printing solutions and systems players estimate potential growth at 13%.

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