King Jim expects record high profits, revised upward for the

日本King Jim(锦宫)公布了2021年上半年财报,报告显示,2021年上半年综合收益为360亿日元(比预测增长1.4%),营业收入达25.4 亿日元,较上年同期增长 25.7%,净收入上升至19.1亿日元,同比增长 22.4%。
King Jim (President Akira Miyamoto) revised the full-year consolidated earnings forecast for the fiscal year ending June 2021 again upward on April 27, and the forecast of net income attributable to owners of the parent company is expected to reach a record high. Announced.

Sales of bon furniture and Radonna of his group are expected to exceed expectations due to demand for nesting, and sales of products compatible with new lifestyles such as hand sanitizers are expected to continue to be strong.
The consolidated third quarter (cumulative) for the fiscal year ending June 2021 announced on the same day was sales of 26,924 million yen (up 8.8% year-on-year), operating income of 2,175 million yen (up 147.8%), and ordinary income of 24. It was 101 million yen (up 123.3%) and quarterly net profit of 1,666 million yen (up 118.8%).
Consolidated earnings forecasts for the fiscal year ending June 2021 are net sales of 36 billion yen (up 1.4% from the previous forecast), operating income of 2.54 billion yen (up 25.7%), and ordinary income of 2.8 billion yen (up 23.3%). Net income has been revised upward to 1,910 million yen (up 22.4%).

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