Exceeded previous year: Pelikan reports "again positive ann

德国Pelikan(百利金)公布了2020年财年报告,报告显示,2020财年继续保持盈利,总销售额为1.969亿欧元,较上年增长27.8%。净销售额为 1.348 亿欧元,实现了 590 万欧元的业绩。百利金集团首席执行官表示,希望在2021年通过新品实现稳健盈利,我们对未来满怀
The Pelikan Group, which is listed in Malaysia, closed the 2020 financial year, as in the previous year, with a positive result, according to the latest company announcement.
For 2020, sales of around 196.9 million euros generated an annual result of around 2.3 million euros. The positive result from the previous year of around 1.8 million euros could thus be increased again by 27.8 percent, according to the information. In particular, the Pelikan Vertriebsgesellschaft in the main German market can look back on 2020 “with the best business results in recent years” and thus made a “very good contribution to the positive group result”. With net sales of 134.8 million euros, a result of 5.9 million euros was achieved.
“For the 2021 financial year, we are currently assuming a positive development for the school season, thanks also to our creative innovations such as the“ Kreativfabrik ”, the“ griffix ”school circle and the“ ilo ”fountain pen. We can therefore assume that our company will continue to develop steadily this year ”, says Claudio Esteban Seleguan, Managing Director of Pelikan Vertriebsgesellschaft / CEO of the Pelikan Group, and adds:“ Overall, the Pelikan Group is on solid and profitable feet. The development and further expansion of our strong brands are the company's focus and ensure stability, orientation and trust among our trading partners and consumers. We look to the future with confidence. "

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