Designphil and TAKEO hold the event Paper

Designphil将于1月7日至3月3日在银座伊东屋与纸业贸易公司TAKEO举办首次合作活动“Designphil x TAKEO~Paper 0(Beginning)~”。
Designphil (President Ichiro Aida) will hold the first collaboration event "DESIGN PHIL x TAKEO ~ Paper 0 (Beginning) ~" with Takeo, a paper trading company, from January 7th to March 3rd in Itoya, Ginza. (G.Itoya) 7F Takeo Paper Shop at ITOYA Event space.
"Takeo", a trading company specializing in paper that knows paper well, and "Designphil", which colors paper with design, approached the origin of paper and realized a collaboration from the idea of creating new paper products that have never existed before.
We approach the charm of "pulp sheet", which is a lump of plant fiber, which is 0 of paper (the beginning of paper).
At the venue, you can see products made into cards and accessories that make the most of their attractiveness using "pulp sheets" made from different raw materials such as softwood and hardwood, and also exhibit and sell them.
[DESIGNPHIL x TAKEO ~ Paper 0 (Beginning) ~ Event Overview]
Period: January 7th (Thursday)-March 3rd (Wednesday), 2021
Place: G.Itoya 7F Takeo Sample Book at ITOYA Event Space
Contents: Using "pulp sheet", Designphil will exhibit and sell cards and accessories designed to maximize the appeal of paper.

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