Kuretake obtains cosmetics manufacturing and sales license

Kuretake announced that it has obtained a cosmetics manufacturing and sales license on November 10, 2020.
Founded in 1902 as an ink industry, the company has developed a variety of writing tools centered on calligraphy supplies as well as ink.
In particular, the "Brush Pen" developed in 1973 is the company's representative product that pursues excellent writing comfort, and has been manufactured with about 1000 prescriptions.
Utilizing the brush pen manufacturing technology cultivated over many years, in June 2011, we established a wholly owned subsidiary "Cosmeo Co., Ltd." and started manufacturing cosmetic containers centered on eyeliner as an OEM business.
We are promoting the cosmetics business by focusing on container design, bulk (ink) matching, and brush (hair material development) that make use of the technological capabilities of brush pen development.
With the acquisition of this approval, Kuretake's unique brush pen making technology and know-how will be utilized to consistently carry out from design development to manufacturing of high-precision cosmetic containers such as eyeliner and original bulk, and cosmetics. Strengthen our ability to make proposals to the industry.

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