About 60% of the respondents Issue New Year's cards

Pilot Corporation (President Hide Ito) conducted the 41st "Questionnaire Survey on New Year's Cards for Businessmen and Office Ladies" and conducted a survey of business people in the Greater Tokyo Area for about two weeks from November 24th. Implementation. The number of respondents is 401.
According to the questionnaire, about 60% of people "issue" New Year's cards.
The reason for issuing the 2021 New Year's card was that the situation where it was difficult to meet people due to the corona virus, such as a state of emergency and working from home, came in third (39.8%). The first place is "as a New Year's greeting" (85.2%).
In "Do not put out", the substitute for LINE is a factor. Many people prepare New Year's cards slowly from the beginning of December and many people hurry to prepare after work.
"Message apps such as LINE" are the top tools used for New Year's greetings, but "New Year's cards" have a certain level of support as they did last year.
The number of New Year's cards issued was almost the same as last year, but the downward trend did not change.
The number of people who issue New Year's cards, "work relations," has increased. On the other hand, even those who do not want to put out have risen to the top.
"Friends and acquaintances" are happy to receive the New Year's card. After all, the New Year's card that I am happy to receive is "homemade", and it seems that I am interested in the content of the attached message.
Many people who issue New Year's cards have "handwritten parts". From the survey, it can be seen that New Year's cards emphasize "conveying feelings".
Among the writing instruments used for handwriting, "ballpoint pen" (66.7%) ranked first. This was followed by felt-tip pens (35.2%), brush pens (16.7%), and fountain pens (7.9%).
"It's better to have a New Year's card" is on the decline, but there were also voices saying "I'm having trouble contacting people I can't meet" and "I miss New Year's."

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