Mitsubishi Pencil and FSX Succeeded in developing highly ver

Mitsubishi Pencil (President Shigehiko Kazuhara) and FSX (President Katsuyuki Fujinami) have succeeded in joint development (patent pending) of a highly versatile antiviral resin material that is friendly to the living environment and has heat resistance.
A co-authored paper on this research, "Application of antiviral polyoxometallate to living environment-antiviral squeezing and stationery," was adopted by MDPI's (Basel, Switzerland) journal "Applied Sciences."
Powerful fungicides and virus-killing agents have the problem of producing mutated drug-resistant bacteria and drug-resistant viruses and inducing side effects on humans.
In 2012, FSX released "VB (Patent No. 6379772)," a safe and secure antibacterial and antiviral active substance that does not induce resistant strains and is mainly composed of Polyoxometalates, which are oxide clusters of transition metal elements. It has been successfully developed and the technology is applied to the sanitary product Oshibori.
In this joint development, we succeeded in stably converting VB, which had been liquid until now, into a resin.
With the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), "anti-virus" is attracting worldwide attention, and it is expected to be a new resin material in the after-corona era. I will proceed.

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