Pentel wins BOSS Fundraising Hero Award

Pentel在BOSS Industry Recognition awards 2020中被授予Fundraising Hero (Company)的称号,BOSS评委认可该公司在过去14年中通过销售其特别版笔,为研究和护理慈善机构Breast Cancer Now以及Prostate Cancer UK筹集了超过210万英镑。
Pentel has been awarded the Fundraising Hero (Company) at the BOSS Industry Recognition awards 2020.
BOSS judges recognised the company’s efforts raising over £2.1 million for Breast Cancer Now, the research and care charity, and Prostate Cancer UK over the last 14 years, through sales of its special edition pens.
Wendy Vickery, Pentel Marketing Manager said, “the majority of the money raised has been through sales of EnerGel Xm Retractable. With the enthusiasm of our customers and the support of the public, we’ve sold more than nine million pens to raise this sum for the two charities.
“We began with a ballpoint pen called LineStyle, but soon launched our special edition EnerGel pens, which have proved enduringly successful.  To complement the respective charities’ brand colours, we created a pink-barrelled version of EnerGel Xm Retractable to support Breast Cancer Now and a white and blue-barrelled version for Prostate Cancer UK.  For every special edition version of these pens, we sell Pentel donate £0.25 to the charities.”
Pentel staff have also entered the fundraising spirit, participating over the years in ‘wear it pink’ day activity that has included a sponsored head shave for Breast Cancer Now and Movember ‘mo-growing’ to benefit Prostate Cancer UK.
The company’s commitment to supporting the two charities remains steadfast.  Donations to date to each charity currently stand at more than £1.48 million for Breast Cancer Now and £631,000 for Prostate Cancer UK.  To put it in perspective, if the 9.2 million pens sold to date were placed end to end, they would make five transatlantic crossings.
Wendy added, “We are proud and honoured to have received this recognition from the BOSS judges.  That fact that our charity partnerships continue to endure 14 years since the first agreement was signed – and especially in such a challenging year as this - is testament to the passion, determination and persistence of the entire Pentel team.  Their tremendous efforts and the vision of our customers enable us to continue our partnerships and raise even more money to help make a difference to the lives of so many people in the UK and Ireland.”                 
Baroness Delyth Morgan, Chief Executive of Breast Cancer Now said, “We are incredibly proud of our long-standing partnership with Pentel, and are so grateful for the dedicated and unwavering support of Pentel’s staff and customers over the last 14 years. The partnership has raised an incredible £1.48 million to date, which has had a huge impact on our vital work for people affected by breast cancer and will help us continue to make world-class breast cancer research and life-changing care happen.
“The COVID-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented situation for all of us, but it has been an extremely uncertain time for those affected by breast cancer.  The pandemic has also paused our research, community support services and much of our fundraising.  Now more than ever, Breast Cancer Now are immensely thankful for the support of Pentel, who share our determination and commitment to providing support for today and hope for the future for everyone affected by breast cancer.”
Tracey Pritchard, Director of Fundraising & Supporter Engagement, Prostate Cancer UK added, “it is with the support of long-term partners such as Pentel and their customers, that Prostate Cancer UK can turn its ambitions into a reality. Pentel has raised over £631,000 since 2009 for Prostate Cancer UK. This is a phenomenal amount and testament to their hard work and dedication. 
“One man dies from prostate cancer every 45 minutes in the UK; it’s the most commonly-diagnosed cancer in the UK.  The impact of the coronavirus means our life-saving research is at risk.  Men have never needed support more than now to protect research into better tests and treatments so we can stop prostate cancer being a killer.  We are incredibly grateful for all Pentel has achieved to help us with our life-saving research and look forward to continuing our partnership together.”

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