King Jim net profit grows 12.3% in 2020

King Jim宣布财务报告,报告显示,截至2020年6月末(从2019年6月21日至2020年6月20日),净销售额为334.55亿日元,较去年同期增长2.5%;净利润为10.81亿日元,同比增长12.3%。文具办公用品业务的销售额为2,637,358亿日元,同比下降0.1%,营业利润为1,216.4
King Jim announced on July 31, the consolidated financial results for the period ending June 2020 (from June 21, 2019 to June 20, 2020), with net sales of 33,455 million yen (2.5% compared to the previous year). Operating income was 1,232 million yen (down 11.6% year on year), ordinary income was 1,489 million yen (down 9.0% year on year), and net income was 1,081 million yen (up 12.3% year on year). Sales declined due to the impact of a new coronavirus infection.

In the stationery office supplies business, sales were 26,735.48 million yen (down 0.1% year on year) and operating income was 1,216.41 million yen (down 10.4% year on year), due in part to a decline in sales of the mainstay thick files.
The consolidated financial forecast for the fiscal year ending June 2021 is expected to be net sales of 35 billion yen, operating income of 1,270 million yen, ordinary income of 1,490 million yen, and net income of 1,030 million yen.

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