Quality and environmental impact appeal to parents

Opinion Way于6月份对2020年9月返校季进行了一项调查,95%的受访者首先要考虑的因素是产品质量,产品对环境的影响使72%的父母感到担忧,这证实了人们希望在家庭消费的各个方面都转向绿色产品,71%的受调查者表示法国制很重要。
A survey conducted in June by OpinionWay for Bureau Vallée raised the purchasing criteria for parents for the next school year. For the start of the September 2020 school year, the first factor of choice will be the quality of the product for 95% of respondents. 72% of parents are concerned about the environmental impact of products, confirming the desire to move towards greener products in all aspects of household consumption. Production in France is important for 71% of those questioned. Low prices are an issue for 70% of parents. Finally, the brand is significant for half of them. After months of home schooling, the children's fun when shopping for back-to-school supplies is not overlooked:
Post-Covid: new habits?

The OpinionWay study for Bureau Vallée confirms certain consumption trends that developed during the health crisis, in particular for the distribution channels chosen by parents. 52% of them therefore intend to favor local brands. As for the web, it appeals to 46% of parents, especially families with more than 3 children.


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