Shachihata established a website to support beginners making

Shachihata(旗牌)于6月15日在上线新网站“#Shachihata Craft”,上传一些手工制作相关的教程,为喜欢印章的用户提供一些创作的灵感,以传达“手工”的乐趣。
Shachihata (President Masayoshi Funahashi) has released a website "#Shachihata Craft" that supports "first time" of craft users on the official website on June 15.

"# Shachihata Craft" is a website that conveys the joy of "handmade" and supports all craft users, including those who try craft for the first time and those who have a hobby or special skill in craft.
On the site, the recipes for the eraser stamp by popular illustrator "mizutama" and the handprint art supervised by handprint art writer "Yamazaki Sachie" are released.
The site is linked to the Shachihata Antenna Shop, so you can immediately purchase the items you need for crafting.
In the future, in collaboration with Instagram, we will continue to communicate with craft users while expanding various contents, such as introducing the work of users posted in "# Shachihata Craft" on the same site.

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