KOKUYO online showroom for office furniture

KOKUYO (President of Hidekuni Kuroda) will release a "Panorama Showroom" from July 6th, which allows you to virtually see the office furniture and the building exhibited at the company's showrooms operating in two locations in Tokyo and Osaka on the KOKUYO website. did.
The "Panorama Showroom" to be released this time is Web content composed of 360-degree panoramic images inside our showroom and can be browsed freely by operating a PC or smartphone.
Users who are coming out of the country or customers nationwide due to the effect of the new coronavirus infection will be able to virtually see the appeal of the latest office furniture and related products currently on display.
梅田展厅:https://www.kokuyo-furniture.co.jp/showroom/ umeda / panorama / tour.html

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