New Type of Exhibition begins

Maruai同意参加由展位设计公司Super Penguin策划,于6月1日在东京有明举办的“PHASE”展,这是疫情期间的一种新型展览,Maruai将以“SMALL WORLDS TOKYO”的主题,展出旗下受欢迎产品的迷你版。除了Maruai,包括文具和杂货在内的12家公司也将参展。
Maruai (President Michiya Muramatsu) agreed with the purpose of the "PHASE" (Phase), a new type of exhibition for the corona period, planned by the exhibition booth design office, Super Penguin, and it was released on June 1, 2020. We will exhibit at the exhibition held in Ariake, Tokyo, from Monday to Friday.
Named after the miniature theme park "SMALL WORLDS TOKYO", which is the venue for the exhibition, Maruai exhibited mini series such as popular products "Fujitsubo mini envelope" and "mini caution tape". 12 companies including stationery and miscellaneous goods will exhibit.
Under the circumstances where various events and exhibitions are canceled due to measures against corona infection, the exhibition industry and companies using exhibitions have been hit hard.
Also, as an alternative, online exhibitions are conspicuous, but in the problem of "I can not see the real thing. I can not show it", it is different from the exhibition where you can have business negotiations while actually picking up the product It is the current situation.
Aiming to overcome such a situation, Super Penguin has planned a "new form of exhibition" [PHASE].
The exhibition is a BtoB business meeting for wholesalers and shop buyers. We will try a new exhibition format that combines online and real.
At [PHASE], exhibitors can participate remotely, and only visitors can visit the venue. You can check the texture and feel of the product, which you cannot do online, with your own sense.
In addition, the layout, exhibition stand, business negotiation method, etc. have been devised to realize an exhibition format that is compatible with the current corona period.
The event will be held after the cancellation of the emergency declaration, and if the cancellation date is postponed, the event period will be postponed.
[Exhibition Summary]
Exhibition name: [PHASE] in SMALL WORLDS TOKYO,Date: June 1st (Monday) to 5th (Friday), 2020 13: 00-18: 00
* The event will be held after the cancellation of the emergency declaration. If the cancellation date is postponed, the event will be postponed.Venue: SMALL WORLDS TOKYO (
* Miniature theme park using cutting-edge technology, which is scheduled to open on Thursday, June 11, 2020.Target audience: wholesalers and shop buyers 

* Persons attending the exhibition can also enter the venue,Entry: Free;Sponsor: SUPER PENGUIN;Exhibitors: 12 companies;Related URL:。
● “New What is a "form exhibition" [PHASE]?
1. Exhibitors are absent (remote participation), only exhibitors are allowed
2. Exhibit spaces are 2m apart
3. There are few exhibit stands We will make it so that it can be seen only by the number of people
4. We will devise a multi-tiered shelf on the exhibition stand so that various products can be placed even if it is small
5. Install an iPad on each exhibition stand and explain to the exhibitors Stream the video
6. Set up a place to talk in ZOOM etc. in the venue to enable online business negotiations
7. Install disinfectant sprays at various places in the venue, check the body temperature at the reception, and take thorough corona measures subjected to
8. other, corona measures will conform to the idea of a venue "SMALL WORLDS TOKYO"
● exhibitors
Twelve companies, including stationery and miscellaneous goods manufacturers nationwide, that handle Made in Japan products will exhibit.
Kinshodo (Saga) / Green Flash (Tokyo) / Cohana (Tokyo) / SUGAI WORLD (Tokyo) / TO & FRO (Ishikawa) / HIRO (Ishikawa) / Fukushin (Kagawa) / Freemum (Saga) / Matsuda Pharmaceutical (Kochi) / Maruai (Maruai) Yamanashi) / merippa (Tokyo) / Vintage Revival Productions (Kagawa)


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