“Yard Market”at Hightide Online

从5月1日起,Hightide在福冈的直营店“HIGHTIDE STORE”开设了在线市集“Yard Market”,用于在线销售和POP UP SHOP,该线上市集将举行到7月底,会随时添加新的艺术家和商店。在第一次车库销售中,展示了美式的文具、杂志和家具用品。
From May 1st, Hightide opened an online market "Yard Market" for online garage sales and POP UP SHOP held at the directly managed store "HIGH TIDE STORE" in Fukuoka. It will be held until the end of July. New artists and shops are added at any time.
In the first garage sale, stationery, magazines and home goods purchased in the United States will be displayed.
After that, goods from illustrator Noritake, semi-orders of order notes from stationery store "Kakimori" in Kuramae, Tokyo, souvenirs collected by travel and lifestyle magazine "PAPERSKY" in various countries, and popular T-shirt artists with loose illustrations Pop-up shops such as "POP COPY" will be held.
With a rare lineup of artists and shop items that are not handled at ordinary online shops, we aim to be a site where you can meet new people every time you visit.
Regarding the occasion of the event, `` In such a situation where there are many stores that can not easily go out and are forced to take a leave, we will think about what high tide can do now and decide to hold an online market. "Yard Market" is intended to help users enjoy their "outside hours" in a richer way, and to help medical professionals who are doing their best on the front lines every day. We will donate a part of the sales to the "New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Crisis Donation Fund" of the Doctors Without Borders.


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