Maped in uncertainty because of the Covid-19

Among the many companies impacted by the coronavirus crisis that is affecting China, Maped testified in several media during the visit of the Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Lemaire to its site in Argonay in Haute Savoie on February 20. Indeed, the manufacturer of school supplies has its largest factory in Kunchan, less than 750 km east of Wuhan, the cradle of the Covid-19 epidemic, and is therefore suffering the full force of the population’s confinement. On France Info, the general manager of Maped Romain Lacroix explained that after a month of interruption,“Activity resumed last Saturday with 200 people instead of 900 people usually back (Editor's note: Chinese New Year) in our workshops to produce our back-to-school programs. We are concerned because we do not know how the situation will develop. We have contacts with our China teams every day in order to assess the level of uncertainty and the ability to secure the workforce  . ” In-game, the timely delivery of back-to-school items. The production of these products traditionally begins in January-February to ensure their deployment worldwide in June.

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