BIC Announces Growth in 2019

法国书写工具品牌Bic Group公布了其2019年业绩,营业额为19.49亿欧元,净利润达1.761亿欧元。欧洲市场表现良好,营业额为5.589亿欧元,增长2.3%,在法国和英国等主要国家和地区的份额不断增长,而北美市场为7.644亿欧元,下降4.1%。BIC®GelocityFull G
Bic Group revealed its results for the year 2019. It recorded a turnover of 1.949 billion euros, down 1.9% on a comparable basis. The group's net profit amounted to 176.1 million euros. Europe is doing well with turnover of 558.9% million euros, up 2.3%, while North America shows 764.4 million and -4.1%, and the markets in growth of 626.1 million euros or -3.1%. For 2020, Bic forecasts an evolution between -1% and + 1%.
In the stationery sector, Bic sold 6.9 billion units in 2019, representing 774.4 million euros in turnover, down 3.4% on a comparable basis. While Europe is growing slightly and North America has remained stable, performance in 2019 was affected by lower sales of Cello in India. Still in Europe, France and the United Kingdom were dynamic thanks to the BIC®Gelocity Full Grip gel pen and the BIC® Intensity Medium writing pen. The group continues to invest in e-commerce (+ 14% in Europe this year) and innovative products in a very competitive market.


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