KOKUYO Open “KOKUYO DOORS” at Haneda Airport

KOKUYO将于4月21日在与羽田机场国际航站楼直接相连的新商业设施“Haneda Airport Garden”中开设一家直营文具店“KOKUYO DOORS”,除了文具、旅行主题等的产品,还将提供一些纪念品和小礼物,让外国旅客也能感受到日本文具的魅力。
KOKUYO will open a directly operated stationery shop “KOKUYO DOORS” on April 21 in the new commercial facility “Haneda Airport Garden” directly connected to Haneda Airport International Terminal.
Japanese stationery has a unique culture even when viewed globally, such as its high function and quality, rich lineup and design, and yet affordable prices. The name "KOKUYO DOORS" reflects the company's desire to become a gateway to the world of Japanese stationery and a source of interest for foreign visitors to Japan, which has been increasing in recent years.
In the store, in addition to original items decorated with shop logos, stationery, travel motifs, etc., we will prepare gift sets and assorted packs perfect for souvenirs and small gifts for overseas visitors.There will also be a touch and try corner where you can easily try out various stationery and experience it.

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