Most popular stationery goods for visitors to Japan

日本杂货零售连锁店Loft自2014年为赴日外国游客提供免税服务,现免税额正以两位数的速度增长,近期Loft公布了从2019年1月至11月的热门商品排名,其中,最受欢迎的文具商品依次为B-SIDE LABEL贴纸。
The tax exemption service provided by Loft for foreign visitors to Japan is growing. The company announced a ranking of popular goods from January to November 2019.
Loft started its tax exemption service in 2014 and currently has 27 tax exemption counters. Tax exemptions have grown double-digit, with lofts up 11% year-on-year.
In particular, Ginza Loft increased by 45.6%, Umeda Loft increased by 28.4%, Lucua Osaka Loft increased by 59.5%, Tenjin Loft increased by 25.1%, and major airport area stores showed a remarkable growth rate. Therefore, further excitement is expected.
The most popular stationery goods purchased by foreign visitors to Japan by Loft were "B-SIDE LABEL stickers" (300 yen), which sold more than 12,000 copies, and "Collaboration stickers" with tie-ups with 3rd place characters (350 yen), plus 5th place "small stickers" (200 yen), sold more than 25,000.
The second place is "Zebra Sarasa Clip 05 Black" (100 yen), which sold over 11,000 copies. 4th place "Pilot Gel BP Juice 05 B" (100 yen) is more than 5200 bottles, 7th place "Pilot Friction Ball Knock 05 Black" is 3900 or more. "Kutswa Magnetic Poppy" (280 yen) ranked 10th with more than 1800 pieces.
Also popular among Japanese young people is "Fuji Film Sharp Run Simple Ace 27 Shots" (1250 yen), which ranks 13th with more than 1130 pieces.
stationery goods most purchased by foreign visitors to Japan:
·No. 1 "B-SIDE LABEL sticker" (300 yen)
·2nd place “Zebra Sarasa clip 05 black” (100 yen)
·3rd place “B-SIDE LABEL collaboration sticker” (350 yen)
 household goods:
·1st place“Nishio store Kamenoko sponge 2 gray / yellow” (300 yen)
·2 Rank "Mt. Fuji rock rock cherry tree of Tajima glass" (6500 yen)
·3rd "CB Japan water-absorbing animal hair turban rabbit" (1200 yen)
·1st place "pdc Wafood Made Uji Matcha Pack" (1200 yen)
·2nd place "Pdc wafood maid sake lees pack" (1200 yen)
·3rd place "Ishizawa Laboratory Kesuko rice mask" (650 yen)
* All tax excluded

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