90% people issue New Year's cards by handwriting

Pentel conducted a survey on the actual conditions of New Year's cards for 550 men and women up to their third year of working in their twenties, and found that more than 90% of those who issue New Year's cards are “handwriting” It was.
In the first year of working adults, 30.2% responded that they “issue (or issued) a New Year's card”. Reasons for becoming a member of society, such as taking less time than when he was a student, and estranged friendships were raised.
As for the writing instruments for writing New Year's cards, the results showed that the brush pen school and the ball-point pen school antagonized, and 51.3% of the people using the pen for the handwritten part of the New Year's cards accounted for more than half of the younger generation.
On the other hand, people who don't use brush pens have a strong sense of weakness with brush pens, and the reason for this is 49.3%, "I don't want to use because I'm not used to brush pens", but I want to use brush pens but I can't write well "I don't like to fail" was 21.7%.
Pentel recommends the “Calligraphy Sign Pen Pigment Type” for the younger generations mentioned above, “Brush pens are not used to writing and are not confident in writing well, but I want to write new year's cards properly by hand.”


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