“Traveler’s Factory Kyoto” will open in spring 2020

Designphil的旗下子品牌“Traveler’s Company”计划于2020年春季在京都“新風館”开设日本国内第四家旗舰店“Traveler’s Factory”,旨在成为一个使旅行者旅途更加愉快,并使居住在这片土地上的人们每天都喜欢旅行的地方。
Designphil's product brand “Traveler’s Company” will open “Traveler's Factory Kyoto”, the 4th domestic store of “Traveler’s Factory”, a flagship store in Shinpukan , which will open in the spring of 2020. .
The first “Traveler’s Factory” flagship store was opened in October 2011 in Nakameguro, Tokyo. In July, 2014, the “Traveler’s Factory--Airport” was established at Narita Airport Terminal 1. In April, 2017, the “Travelers Factory--Station” was established at the starting point of Japanese railways, Tokyo Station.
In the spring of 2020, the 4th store, “Travelers Factory Kyoto”, the first store in the Kansai area, will open in “Shinpukan”, which is a historical building built in 1926 that was partly preserved and restored from the former Kyoto Central Telephone Office, and was developed as a city exchange base that spins the memory of the city and incorporates new added value. 
Kyoto was once the capital city of Japan, representing Japan with a lot of historical heritage, and at the same time is a city with high cultural sensitivity. Aiming to be a place where travelers can enjoy their trip better, and where people living in this land can feel like traveling every day.


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