Good uptake for inaugural Aussie event

超过60家供应商将参加8月由澳大利亚经销商集团Office Choice和批发商GNS举办的首届联合活动。Office Choice和GNS 于去年10月宣布了第一个Office产业博览会(OPIx),旨在为组织的供应商合作伙伴提供更多的曝光机会。
More than 60 suppliers are set to attend the inaugural joint event being held in August by Australian dealer group Office Choice and wholesaler GNS.
The first Office Products Industry Expo (OPIx) was announced last October by Office Choice and GNS as a way of providing greater exposure and opportunity for the organisations’ supplier partners. A full-day supplier expo will take place on 17 August at the Hyatt Regency in Sydney and is being supported by platinum sponsors ACCO Brands Australia, Dynamic Supplies, Australian Paper and Furnx. The event has been organised to coincide with Office Choice’s own 2019 annual conference.
According to Office Products News, more than 60 suppliers have already signed up for OPIx. Office Choice members and GNS reseller customers are being encouraged to attend through a combination of educational sessions, event specials, giveaways, prizes and networking opportunities – including a gala dinner and awards night.

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