UK dealer groups to combine

英国办公产品经销商集团Nemo和Office Club宣布合并,表示他们将联手,创建一个用户终端销售额约为5亿英镑(6.5亿美元)的独立实体。
UK office products dealer groups Nemo and Office Club have announced they are to merge.
The groups – both members of purchasing organisation BPGI – issued a joint press release this morning stating that they are to join forces, creating an entity that will have end-user sales of approximately £500 million ($650 million). Nemo Managing Director Tim Beaumont told OPI that, combined, the groups represent almost 320 independent dealers in the UK.
“This is a great fit,” said Beaumont in the press release. “Each group has its strengths and USPs, but together we will have a much stronger offering. Office Club is a compelling brand and the groups will keep their own identities, with the existing management collaborating to create a symbiotic offering.”
He continued: “Office Club is strong in retail and Nemo is very commercial focused [and] our combined purchases with wholesalers and direct spend will significantly increase. There is great depth, experience and knowledge in both management teams which will complement each group to offer enhanced programmes for Nemo members and Office Club dealers.”
Office Club CEO Toby Robins called the announcement an “exciting development” for the industry and confirmed that he would be taking on a non-executive director role, adding: “Nemo and Office Club are both strong organisations with which I have been associated for many years, so I am familiar with the culture and strengths of both.
“With Office Club becoming part of the Nemo family, there are benefits to members, vendors and staff.”
Speaking to OPI, Beaumont said that the transaction should be finalised in the next few weeks.
The subject of dealer group consolidation was covered in the most recent OPI Hot Topic on the future of dealer groups.

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