Armor launches digital platform

欧洲售后市场印刷耗材公司Armor推出了一款名为Armor Connect的新型数字交换平台,为客户提供了下订单的门户,旨在让他们与公司进行沟通,例如向印刷部门发送直接信息。
European aftermarket print consumables firm Armor has launched a new digital exchange platform called Armor Connect.
Armor Connect provides a portal for customers to place orders and is designed to allow them to communicate with the company, such as sending direct messages to the printing division.
The tool incorporates after-sales service, quote requests, customer support and returns. In addition, the platform aims to provide dealers with all the product-related information necessary and offers real-time tracking of orders and deliveries.
Gerwald van der Gijp, Director of Armor Office Printing, said: “Armor Connect is the cornerstone in the building of a new strategy operating within our group and, for Armor Office Printing, that means the construction of an infrastructure that will help the brand complete its digital transformation.”

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