NPD to launch omnishopper panel

Global information firm The NPD Group has partnered with measurement and data analytics company Nielsen to deliver deep omnishopper insights.
The two companies are building a large-scale, comprehensive omnishopper consumer panel, pairing Nielsen’s consumer packaged goods measurement with NPD’s general merchandise consumer measurement.
The panel will connect to multiple consumer data sources to comprehensively track shopper behaviour online and offline across all products and categories. The two firms said this new approach will follow the US consumer across an ever-expanding landscape of digital and physical touchpoints, inclusive of growing bricks-and-mortar and e-tail outlets, and will boost visibility into smaller trip occasions.
The NPD Group CEO Karyn Schoenbart said: “Brands and retailers need to see the total picture as purchasing options and shoppers’ habits continue to evolve. Together we are building a diverse, representative and comprehensive omnishopper panel that will provide previously unavailable quality measurement across all brands, all industries and all channels.”

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