Office Depot highlights office printing costs

根据Office Depot Europe的研究发现,由于对打印设备的管理不善,英国不少企业正面临数据泄露,维护成本膨胀和生产力下降的风险,极大地影响预算、数据安全性和团队绩效。
Research from Office Depot Europe has found that companies in the UK are at risk of data breaches, inflated maintenance costs and lost productivity due to a poorly managed print provision.
Navigating your way through the office print maze has been launched by the reseller to address the mounting costs of printing compared to using managed print services (MPS). The report found that a standard printer will usually deliver a cost per page of around £0.25-£0.30 ($0.32-$0.38), compared to MPS at £0.03. When the time spent searching for replacement parts such as toner, along with the expense of the business of the printer being out of service, the hidden costs can quickly build up.
In addition, IT departments spend an average 30% of their time on printer-related issues. Freeing up this precious time can deliver significant savings for businesses and real benefits to customers.
With the advent of GDPR in particular, which directly effects the way in which data is stored and processed, data security is more important than ever before. Companies can be subject to lost data through mismanaged printing but using individuals can secure the privacy of printing sensitive information through personalised access control.
As sustainability continues to rise up the corporate agenda, printing has become one of the areas where efficiencies can be easily achieved. Replacing older machines that aren’t energy efficient, using networked printers, and limiting the ability to print in colour are all easy ways to for an office to become more environmentally-friendly.
Office Depot Europe Head of MPS Rob Jones commented: “The report has been designed to make companies aware of how something as simple as printing can hugely impact budgets, data security and team performance.”

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