Strong financial year for Office Choice

澳大利亚经销商集团Office Choice报告了2017/ 18财年的稳健财务状况,该公司表示,同样的业务增长和整体业务增长表明盈利的交易结果超出预算预期。
Australian dealer group Office Choice has reported solid financials for FY2017/18.
The company said both like-for-like and whole of business growth has manifested in a profitable trading result in excess of budgeted expectations.
Contributing factors to the growth include a double-digit increase in overall volume and rebate generation, the achievement of a number of growth targets, and the dealer network being active participants in the industry consolidation and recruitment.
Following Office Choice’s decision to partner with GNS, the company said that it is planning on rolling out further business initiatives over the coming months to ensure continued growth.
Office Choice CEO Brad O’Brien said: “It was very pleasing that we were able to achieve these results while funding out biggest year of capital investment for some time. That said, we will need to further invest in our model, support tools and services to position our dealer network for sustainable business growth, and we are up for the challenge.”

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