Survey reveals challenges of back-to-school season

Sixty per cent of Canadian parents, teachers and students enjoy the back-to-school season; more than 80 per cent of parents with school-aged children welcome the social aspect of school, with more than half saying they enjoy the increase in 'me time.' These are some of the findings from a national survey commissioned by Staples Canada to help the retailer keep its fingers on the pulse of Canadians as it kicks off its busiest time of year.
The survey also revealed some of the challenges parents, teachers and students face during back-to-school, but the retailer is prepared to help ease some of the stress associated with the season.
"We want everyone to be a fan of back-to-school, and shopping at Staples will help alleviate some of those concerns with solutions," says David Boone, Chief Executive Officer at Staples Canada. "We have done our homework and we are ready to make back-to-school shopping a positive experience for everyone."
Over the years, Staples has expanded its services to reflect the evolving needs of Canadians. To help consumers navigate through the season easily, for example, the company presents its products within essential categories that include: school supplies, technology, lunch, student living, teaching aids and classroom essentials. Staples also offers comprehensive print and marketing services that specialize in calendars, labels, teacher planners, and a wide assortment of other functional items that can be fully customized to meet the tastes and preferences of each student, parent or teacher.
While some may feel summer has just begun and it's still too early, the survey reveals that 36 per cent of Canadian parents, teachers and students start their back-to-school shopping as soon as retailers kick off their advertising campaigns. Findings also revealed other beloved elements of back-to-school, namely the return to a routine, which is appreciated by 69 per cent of students, 66 per cent of parents and 71 per cent of teachers.
Close to 50 per cent of parents who have school-aged children going back-to-school are at least a little nervous about the start of classes. Areas of stress include cost (79 per cent among Canadian parents, teachers and students), preparing lunches (56 per cent among Canadian parents, teachers and students) and doing homework (48 per cent among Canadian parents, students and teachers).
"We know the cost of going back-to-school is a stress point for some, so we have reduced our prices on a wide-assortment of essentials early in the shopping season, which includes lower prices on many of our supplies," continued Boone.
The company also offers school supply lists by grade, a 100% price match guarantee, free shipping and the option to buy online and pick up in store. To learn more or start planning your seasonal purchases, visit

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