KOKUYO Aims to Increase Share in Global Stationery Market

KOKUYO announced its consolidated financial results for the fiscal year ending December 2020 on February 12, with sales down 6.1% YoY to ¥ 30,644 million and operating income down 11.6% to ¥ 14,807 million. Ordinary income decreased by 22.1% to 14,173 million yen, and net income decreased by 45.8% to 8,297 million yen.

The spread of the new corona-virus infection has had a major impact on the group. Sales decreased by 4.8% year-on-year to 144.7 billion yen, business supply decreased by 4.2% to 113,065 million yen, and global stationery decreased by 12.6% to 71,536 million yen. did.
For the current fiscal year, sales are expected to be 311.0 billion yen, operating income is 15.2 billion yen, ordinary income is 16 billion yen, and net income is 11.8 billion yen.
In the global stationery domain, which includes domestic and overseas stationery businesses, we will utilize our strengths as a top manufacturer of stationery in Japan to formulate and verify growth strategies that are conscious of new growth areas while continuing growth trends in each country's market.
Through this, we aim to grow our share in the global stationery market by making selections and concentration in Japan and overseas, and promoting overseas sales growth, maintaining our share in Japan, and improving our gross profit margin.

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