Staples Canada updates digital platform

Staples Canada推出了基于Shopify Plus技术的新电子商务平台。该网络体验将能够更快地适应,并将不断改进,以跟上新趋势和不断变化的在线市场,功能包括定制店面和简化购物和退房流程的承诺。
Staples Canada has launched a new e-commerce platform built on Shopify Plus technology.
The reseller said the web experience will have the ability to adapt more quickly and will continuously improve to keep up with new trends and the changing online marketplace. Features include a customised storefront and the promise of a streamlined shopping and check-out process.
The new platform also includes integrated big data to drive “a dynamic customer experience”, syndicated customer reviews, informative content and buying guides, an enhanced mobile experience, and access to live customer service agents to help support buying decisions.
“Our new e-commerce experience builds on our industry-leading omnichannel experience,” said Staples Canada CEO David Boone. “ delivers to 85% of Canadians next-day and offers the convenience of buy online and pick up in-store within two hours in nearly every community across Canada. That’s really powerful for our customers and few e-commerce retailers have the ability to do that.”
For this project, Staples Canada also worked with other Canadian digital companies, including Bold Commerce from Winnipeg, Orderbot from Vancouver, Bounteous from Toronto, and Geekspeak from Whitby.

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