International Paper increases sales

International Paper(国际纸业)报告2018年第四季度净销售额为60亿美元,而2017年同期为57亿美元。Printing Papers 2018年第四季度的营业利润为1.92亿美元,而2018年第三季度的营业利润为1.83亿美元。
International Paper reported fourth quarter 2018 net sales of $6 billion compared with $5.7 billion in the same period of 2017.
"International Paper delivered very strong earnings and returns in the fourth quarter and full year 2018, driven by solid commercial and operational performance across our three businesses," said Mark Sutton, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.
Printing Papers operating profits in the fourth quarter of 2018 were $192 million versus $183 million in the third quarter of 2018. In North America, higher operating profits were primarily due to continued price realization, partially offset by higher planned maintenance outage costs and higher raw material costs. In Europe and Russia, improved earnings were driven by higher average sales prices and seasonally higher volumes which were partially offset by higher raw material costs.

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