Lighting up the office

Staples Solutions对英国办公室照明进行了调查,在2,000名受访者中,80%的办公室工作人员表示,工作中的良好照明对他们很重要,不少人还表示因缺乏自然光线而对工作感到厌倦。

During the darkest working week of the year in the UK, research found that 80% of office staff said good lighting at work is important to them.
The Harsh Reality of UK Office Lighting report conducted by Staples Solutions surveyed 2,000 desk-based office workers in the UK and found many are fed up due to the lack of natural light. 40% deal with uncomfortable lighting every day, while a further 32% said that better lighting would make them happier at work and another 33% said their office is depressing or demotivating. Only 15% of those surveyed love their office.
Staples believed its results show that employers can seriously improve staff productivity through adopting better lighting solutions in offices.
Alliance Manchester Business School Professor Sir Cary Cooper commented: “The workplace is really important for the health, well-being and performance of employees, so having the right physical and psychological environment is critical. Most people are currently spending more of their daylight hours at work than at home, so lighting is clearly an important part of getting the balance right at work.”

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