Latest Creative Trend Drives up Stationery Sales

据市场研究机构NPD Group的调查显示,在美国,子弹日记(Bullet journal)的流行对提高笔记本、笔以及其他传统文具产品的销量有很大的帮助,可见,即使在传统文具也受到数字化冲击的今天,笔记本和书写工具在帮助消费者提高创造力,自我表达和生产力方面仍占据着非常重
According to market research company The NPD Group, in the past year, US consumers have spent $210 million on unruled spiral, composition, graphing, and other notebooks, an 18% increase on the previous year.
Select writing instruments that are commonly used for bullet journalling have also seen growth, such as colour markers (+17%), paint markers (+9%), permanent markers (+6%), gel pens (+6%), and porous pens (+5%).
61% of bullet journal buyers also purchases writing instruments online in the same year, making them more likely to buy a wider array of writing products, including traditional and specialty pens.
Looking at spending habits, NPD also found that overall bullet journal buyers made more office supplies purchases online than non-buyers, and spent $40 more on office supplies annually, indicating they are heavier consumers of this industry as a whole.

From: OPI, UK 

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