Disruption eases in Q3 for Warehouse Stationery

新西兰文具零售商Warehouse Stationery第三季度财报显示,截至2018年3月31日,销售额较去年同期下降1.3%,但较上一季度下跌7%相比略有改善,销售额逐渐回暖。
New Zealand-based retailer Warehouse Stationery is gradually recovering from the ongoing systems disruption, Q3 results have revealed.
For the three months ended 31 March 2018, sales fell 1.3% to NZ$71.1 million (US$48.9 million) compared to the same period last year, but this was a slight improvement on the previous quarters as the group regained ground following a 7% decline reported at the end of H1.
CEO of parent company The Warehouse Group, Nick Grayston said the improvement reflected steady back-to-school trading during the period and the resolution of several system integration issues that had impacted performance earlier this year. However, he added that sales in the communication category remained “challenging”.
In other news, Warehouse Stationery has been named alongside some of New Zealand’s largest retailers accused of underpaying minimum wage workers. Tens of thousands of employees are potentially owed millions of dollars for unpaid time, according to the country’s Labour Inspectorate.

From: OPI, UK

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