UK report ranks OP industry’s online performance

根据英国Office Supplier Insight Report的最新调查显示,史泰博在网站知名度上依旧位列第一,领先于同行业其他公司,然而,排在第二位的文具零售店Ryman在该领域则呈现 67%的增长,远超史泰博的1%增长。
Digital marketing company Online has published its ranking for websites in the UK office supplies industry.
According to the Office Supplier Insight Report, Staples remains the leading company in terms of website visibility. However, second place Ryman registered growth of 67%, far exceeding the 1% growth by Staples.
Other companies in the top 10 with important increases in their visibility are UK Office Direct with 219% and Euroffice with 165%.
In terms of content performance across social channels to rank how much umph a brand has online in their industry, Ryman topped the chart, followed by Viking Direct and Office Depot.

From: Office Times, FRANCE

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