Japanese Stationery Office Supplies Market Scale Flat


Yano Research Institute announced the survey result on Stationery and Office Supplies Market 2017 on January 9 (targeted for FY 2016). The survey was conducted from October to December 2017 for stationeries and office supplies related companies.
The size of the domestic stationery and office supplies market in fiscal 2016 is based on the shipment value of the manufacturer, which was flat at 469.2 billion yen compared to the previous year. Looking at the same year by category, writing instruments increased by 1.8% from the previous year to 98.3 billion yen, paper products decreased 0.9% to 161.6 billion yen, and office supplies decreased 0.1% by 209.3 billion yen.
For writing instruments, hit products of water-based ballpoint pen are driving the market expansion, and positive growth continues from 2012 onwards. In fiscal 2016, fountain pens with tasks on supply side, mainly in middle- and high-price areas, decreased slightly, but items other than those increased slightly from the previous year.
Paper products are on a downward trend in the long term, reflecting a decline in corporate demand, a decrease in the schoolchild's population, price competition and so on. Envelopes that account for about 50% of the total in this field had a negative growth, with no positive factors like the census conducted in FY 2015 or the envelope demand for the My Number system. Meanwhile, notebooks and notebooks have been growing in the market due to the strong demand for individuals, but in recent years it has become rather flat. Although notebooks for fiscal 2016 continued to increase, notebooks remained flat over the previous year.
Among the 13 items surveyed, office supplies, electronic goods, office glue, adhesive tape, files and cutter 5 items exceeded the previous year. However, overall the increase was small, and the office supplies market as a whole remained roughly flat.


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