E-commerce Market in Austria and Switzerland

The Swiss Top 100 were able to increase their sales to a total of around CHF 5.5 billion and have even grown in the double-digit percentage range. Market concentration has not increased further in the Alpine countries, but remains at a high level. This was the result of the study "E-Commerce Market Austria / Switzerland 2017" *. The rankings of the top 100 online shops in Austria and Switzerland are now available as posters.

 Growth and concentration

The top 100 online shops in Austria sold 2.1 billion euros on the Internet last year. As a result, revenue growth of 9.0 percent was at about the same level as the previous year (9.9 percent). In Switzerland, the sales growth of the 100 leading online shops is higher in percentage terms. They were able to increase their sales by 12.8 percent from CHF 4.8 billion to around CHF 5.5 billion.
Market concentration remains high in both Alpine countries, albeit with a minimal decline. With 841 million euros, the Top 3 in Austria already generated around 40 percent of the total turnover of the Top 100, still largely driven by amazon.de (556 million euros), followed by zalando.at (174.3 million euros) ) and universal.at (111.1 million euros). The ten leading online shops generated 56.7 percent (previous year: 57.6 percent) even more sales than the shops in the following ninety ranks.
A similar picture is seen in Switzerland. Around 30 percent of total revenue is accounted for by the top three. In contrast to the e-commerce leader in Austria, the turnover of the three strongest online shops in Switzerland - digitech.ch ( CHF 602 million ), zalando.ch ( CHF 534 million) ) and amazon.de (475 CHF ) - still close to each other. At 53.2 percent (previous year: 54.4 percent), the ten top-selling online shops also account for more than half of the total turnover of the top 100 online shops here.

 Generalists in the lead

In the ranking of the 100 top-selling online shops in Austria, the generalists still dominate the picture with a share of 42.3 percent. The fashion providers are with 24.2 percent second strongest industry in the ranking. This is followed by the stores of consumer electronics with 17.0 percent. The dominance of the three strongest sectors is particularly clear in comparison to the fourth-strongest sector: Furniture and households account for only 3.1 percent.
The proportion of generalists in the Swiss online trade is also high at 37.5 percent, especially in the top. Six generalists are alone in the top 10. However, the industry shares are more evenly distributed compared to Austria. Here, the providers of entertainment electronics with 21.0 percent ranked second, followed by the clothing sector, which accounts for 15.3 percent. Characteristic for the Swiss market is the high proportion of grocers who claim 9.1 percent. In comparison, the proportion of food shops in Austria is only 1.7 percent and in Germany 1.0 percent. 


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