Cerberus ups offer for Staples

美国一家私募股权公司——Cerberus Capital Management LP将用 600-700万美元收购Staples欧洲部分业务,Cerberus公司将通过提高销售力度以及多样化经营扩充办公耗材产品种类等方式来巩固Staples的欧洲业务。

Cerberus Capital Management has raised its offer to buy Staples, according to StreetInsider.StreetInsider reports that a person claiming to have knowledge of the matter said that Cerberus's latest offer for Staples was a premium to its current market value of roughly $6 billion but less than $7 billion. There is also a second private equity firm, rumored to be Sycamore Partners, interested in Staples but the status of a potential rival bid wasn’t clear.
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