Bureau Vallee opens store in in Cameroon

法国办公用品连锁品牌 Bureau Vallee 在非洲喀麦隆首都杜阿拉开设了第一家非洲门店,其创始人Bruno Peyroles 基于北非、西非、中非等多个国家是以法语为主,希望加强与多个国家的经济文化有密切联系的目的在杜阿拉开店。

French office supplies chain Bureau Vallée has opened its first African outlet in Douala, Cameroon.

Founder and CEO Bruno Peyroles told The Office Times that the decision was based on  several considerations: "Firstly, many countries in north, west and central Africa are French speaking and have maintained close economic and cultural ties with France since the end of colonial rule. Secondly, Bureau Vallée has progressively extended our geographical footprint outside of mainland France into several French departments such as Guyana in South America and the Réunion, just east of Madagascar. We have also expanded into  Belgium, Spain and Malta. Therefore, we are present in several countries that are in close proximity to the African continent."

Bureau Vallée plans to pursue its international development in Tunisia, Morocco, Belgium and Northern Italy.

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