Toshiba begins strategic partnership with Nuance


Through the strategic partnership with Nuance, Toshiba extends its range of document solutions to improve workflows, manage output and help businesses operate more efficiently and securely.
Nuance’s software solutions are designed to optimise and automate document workflows and integrate into an existing IT infrastructure. With the Toshiba e-STUDIO Multifunction Products (MFPs) being a part of these improved workflow automations, companies look to benefit from reduced cost and the increased value an MFP has to their business.
Jeremy Spencer, Marketing Director at Toshiba TEC UK said, “the strategic partnership with Nuance further enhances Toshiba’s solution portfolio. With AutoStore and Equitrac we offer additional enterprise-level products to our customers, which help them manage their documents and workflows with utmost flexibility and efficiency. These new solutions perfectly compliment our latest range of MFPs that are designed to support workflow automation and help businesses work more effectively.”
Currently Toshiba offers its customers the following Nuance products, AutoStore and AutoStore Express, as well as Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express.

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