Staples Canada rebrands

Staples Canada推出了一个新的品牌标识:“工作和学习公司”。这一变化反映在更新的品牌标志上,并在加拿大推出了两家概念店。这些网点将提供全新的零售体验,鼓励客户与发现区域互动,以测试和学习精选的产品解决方案。

Staples Canada has unveiled a new brand identity which now features the tagline ‘Working and Learning Company’.
The change is reflected in an updated logo, and the launch of two concept stores in Kirkland, Quebec and Toronto, Ontario. The outlets will offer a new retail experience, where customers are encouraged to interact with discovery areas to test and learn curated product solutions. These spaces include Pen and Journal Bars, a Tech Discovery Zone, as well as a weekly spotlight speaker series where community members, entrepreneurs and educators can meet and share ideas.
In addition, the Toronto location will feature a new coworking space, Staples Studio, which will provide companies and individuals with a workspace and resources including a full-service cafe.
Commenting on the changes, Staples Canada CEO David Boone said: “The way people and live is changing in profound ways and Staples Canada is adapting to help our customers work, learn and grow. We spoke to thousands of entrepreneurs, teachers, students and parents to gain insights on what we could do to better suit their needs, and we’re delivering a solution unique to Canada.”

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