Office Supplies Historical Exhibition 2017 Paper Clip

"Igorem Mihaylovichem Zaytsevym" 非营利项目的组织者举行2017春季博览会于俄罗斯举行,回形针作为本次博览会的主要展品被隆重展出。展会去年夏天就开始收集各种资料,包括收集办公行业以及相关行业的展品,部分展品可以供参观者用手触摸体验。

Thousands of years ago people through enough paint walls and a coal to express their ideas, and write with a piece of birch bark and sharp iron object handle people's letters. The annual technology, expand twice - change the design, and according to the needs of the people, the requirements of more and more variety. People don't want to just read, write, calculate, but effective and comfortable to do this. A raven feathers and their sharpening, ink and ink box of special blade, "sandbox", in particular gold penalchikah special ribbon and wax debt securities for promakivaniya records, graphite rod selected sand, plastic head, can help remove the writing, in the end, described the first rectangular slide rule.
The type of the office of the world today is such a rich variety of important point is that it does not have not enough guidance. In accepting the fact that connection, the exhibition fair "" paper clip and Igorem Mihaylovichem Zaytsevym, the organizers of the non-profit project organizers virtual" branch office "will be presented to the participants and the exhibition" paper clip the expo visitors. In the spring of 2017 "took the lead in industry history" museum of stationery ".
"Stationery house" - is in the exhibition "paper clip expo special exhibition." in the spring of 2017, exhibits stationery in previous years, this displays, collect their own members, office stationery industry, friends and partners and related industry. Some items may be hit, and evaluate their performance. At the museum tour guide will make a big "collectors" and office .
While at the fair expo "paper clip" one of the most important industry event of looking forward to the broad masses of the personage inside course of study, we suggest that the familiar with project virtual museum "branch".
Museum of "virtual" branches "- a non-profit project, under the support of many members in our market. It will gradually upload photos and reality of exhibits and colleague funding has made a description of the museum - Russia and CU national writing market members".


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