New Study on Occupational Health


The results of the new study on occupational health conducted by Fellowes among 4,000 employees and 500 European business leaders have come out. Here are some key points:
France represents the highest rate of presenteeism in Europe, with 62% of employees working with illness. Despite employee feelings, being present at work when ill is not beneficial to the company or the worker.
Moreover, more than a quarter of French workers (28%) plan to change jobs because of the harmful effects of work on their health. And for good reason, the French are among the workers most affected in Europe by their poor health at work. Back pain (41%), fatigue (24%) and neck pain (24%) are the most common problems.
One of the main reasons for these health concerns is the low awareness of employees about good work practices. The bad habits of the French are multiple: poor posture sitting in the office (37%), lack of hydration (38%) and low number of breaks during the day (37%).
Finally, only one in four French (the lowest rate in Europe) is aware of measures offered by their employer for workplace well-being, while almost half of the employees would like to benefit from it and that many Ergonomic office products exist to improve comfort at work (footrest, back support, seated / standing desks, ...).

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