Successful product concepts at POS


In the past calendar year, Faber-Castell was able to build on the successful year 2015 with growth of more than ten percent. Reason enough to continue to focus on the shopping experience at the POS together with its trading partners.
The share of the point of sale is still high: an average of 70 percent of all purchase decisions are made in the trade. For the customer, the shopping experience at the POS is at the forefront. With the aim of expanding the brand's premium claim, the company has established a new shop system more than a year ago, which is characterized by its emotional imagery and the clear product arrangement.
The entire range of painting and drawing needs for children is presented in a compact two-meter wall for the competence area of play & learning. Power-saving LEDs are the best choice for individual pins and cases, and of course all products can be tested here. A holistic brand concept which has also been implemented for the ranges of writing & marking, art & graphic as well as fine writing and with which significant sales growth can be generated.
 The imposing school market concept offers individually selectable displays for the retail trade, in order to underline the competence as a provider of school supplies.
The imposing school market concept offers individually selectable displays for the retail trade, in order to underline the competence as a provider of school supplies.
A real eye-catcher at the POS is the school market of Faber- Castell. The imposing action concept consists of individually selectable displays and is effectively influenced by the goods and brand environment - the ideal platform for retailers to underline its competence as a provider of school supplies. Versatile with quality products, which prove to be a reliable sales guarantee, the modules ensure purchase impulses. ABC shooters are therefore indispensable for all phases of the writing process. The Colourgrip crayons made of wood from sustainable forestry with ergonomic triangular shape and the patented grip zone promise playful impulses for learning the water's reproducibility. The connector concept for school and leisure scores with its playful added value: bright colors and great painting techniques ensure unlimited creativity.
This applies to the connector felt tip pens, which can be attached to the cap thanks to the special clip, as well as to the connector color box: it teaches the color theory in turn and offers 12 or 24 rich colors, which are easy to mix and have a high Cover force.
Successful product concepts, which are also at the forefront of addressing primary school teachers, trainees and educators at trade fairs such as didacta. The ergonomic range is also very important for ergotherapists. Altogether, Faber-Castell achieves more than 10,000 multipliers at specialist congresses for these target groups. In specially conceived competence seminars, the company also provides interested traders with expert knowledge and useful product knowledge again between April and October 2017. Further information can be found on the internet.
By the way, Faber-Castell is particularly supportive of the school business in 2017. Trained salespeople help in the shop in the area of the Faber-Castell school market modules for customer advice and the processing of the school notes and distribute test products. Details of the action are available to interested dealers via the Faber-Castell office staff.


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